Having assistance in managing your artistic career is essential in
contemporary times. Wether you are an recent college graduate,  master
of your technique,  busy professional with a underlying passion, or
interested in the path to self discovery, assistance is developing
your personal vision is invaluable. Establishing a connection to the
world in which art and artists exist around you can be gratifying as
well as profitable.  You may see yourself as a famous well
recognized artists,  an individual with a message to relay,  a
hobbiest, or an entrepreneur looking for a second income.  Our
professional expertise will guide your specific vision and  help you
reach your individual goals  as a self sustained artist in our

 E-mail us today for your FREE consultation to discuss what
it will take for you to reach your personal artistic goals.

CLICK HERE: Call for Artists [information & guidelines]

Our Goals:
– To establish a professional portfolio
– Educate artists in methods of deliverance, exhibition, marketing,
time management, networking and sales.
– Provide exposure for artists and artwork through exhibitions,  sales
assistance and promotion.
– Facilitate proffessional relationships through exclusive resources.
– To act as a constant source of  support, motivation and assistance.
– Assist in the process of  self establishment and career development.

*Great for:
Highschool students who need help developing a portfolio for college
Graduated college students who need assistance starting their carreer.
Established Artists who are interested in concentrating on their
artistic process rather then the business aspect.
Artists who make work as a passion or in their spare time, and are
interested in recieving assistance in taking the next steps.
Artists interested in bringing in supplimental income to an alternative career.
Individuals who want to discover their artistic tallents and pursue a
serious approach to self development.

Services provided:
– Portfolio development:
*- critiques
*- consultations
– private classes
– Demeanor and deliverance:
*-  Understanding   your personal vision
*- establishing short and long term goals
*- Artist statement development
– Self promotion and proffessional presentation:
– website development
– business card design
– social media and marketing outlets
– Education:
–  etiquette
*- curitorial and exhibitions
– artistic instruction
*-  Entrepreneurship and Self Management
– Event planning
Exhibition and Sales:
*-  Solo and Group Exhibitions
*- Online exposure
*-  Sales Assistance
*-  Artist opportunities
*- Networking
*- Promotional Services and Outlets.

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