Bri Dill is an artist, instructor and entrepreneur whose main goal is to make art accessible to individuals of all ages, skill, interest level and financial means.  Through art making, exhibition & education- Bri offers various services and opportunities that engage the public and encourage participation while promoting the importance of supporting local arts.

Art making is a lifestyle and being an Artist is an outlook on life—-It wasn’t until I discovered this that I was able to clearly visualize an “art career” that suited me. I was never going to be a successful gallery artist, work in a museum, teach art at a public school or any other preconceived notion of what a professional artist is. But I will still sell art, visit countless cultural institutions and educate anyone willing to learn- on my terms. Free from expectation and the constraints of the “rules”- a successful passion driven career motivated by purpose and inspired by meaning. Pricing my thoughts always seemed so degrading- but now I know my worth, I can accurately gauge my impact and assess my environment accordingly. I can confidently put a $ amount on what I do with genuine reasoning and personal consideration. 

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