Studio Space, Gallery Affiliation & MORE with the Art.Lab Collective

imageArt.Lab Gallery|Studio is opening its doors to a small select group of artists interested in a collaborative environment to inspire creativity, combine resources, execute ideas and develop professionally.

The Art.Lab Collective is a small group of local artists (fine artists, musicians, hobbyists, performers, activists) that utilize a shared space to cooperatively to fulfill common objectives and accomplish personal goals.

By joining the collective you will have

– unlimited use of studio space
-professional representation in exclusive exhibition opportunities in the gallery and priority in offsite venues
-access to art.lab’s established network of resources and contacts
-complimentary art management services, coordinated studio sessions & professional development
– unique experience that will motivate, educate and inspire your creative process and growth
– Advocacy, inspiration, support and intellectual stimulation from fellow collective affiliates
-designated location outside your residence strictly for creative use that provides an appropriate space for artistic expression and functionality.
uninhibited use of a versatile space dedicated to your vision and customizable to accommodate your needs.
– potential source of supplemental income or as a resource for implementing a plan to pursue a financial endeavor
-and more!

The commercial storefront is split into gallery space (front) and working studio (back) with a storage room, bathroom, mini kitchenette & onsite parking. The space can be utilized as an art studio, classroom, practice space, meetup location, event venue, gallery, store , office and is available for other uses apon request.

Email Art.Lab at to request an application, schedule a walk through or discuss details with Art.Lab owner, Bri Dill.

A selective group of artists will be offered opportunity to join the collective and set the groundwork as the founding collaborators. A monthly membership fee will grant you full access to the space for personal use,an official affiliation with the gallery, a venue for public engagement with requested approval, priority participation in all art.lab organized opportunities, complementary art management services such as sales, exhibitions, promotion and development, full commission on gallery sales and adjudicative authority in matters regarding the use or change of the space.

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