Bri Dill: Artist to Entrepreneur

167628_190394850984773_8161428_nBri Dill is a local artist and young entrepreneur raised in South Windsor and currently based out of Hartford. Bri’s childhood dream of becoming a neurosurgeon came to an immediate halt when her grandmother taught her to paint and introduced her to the driving force she knows today as passion. Blinded by inspiration, Bri decided to pursue a higher education in art to encourage an understanding of existence without using scientific logic and to develop an unique perception of reality that could only be expressed through process of creation.

Bri’s multifaceted art career has provided her with valuable experiences that molded her unique perspective on the art market and her unconventional approach to art as business. Bri is a tattoo artist, a sign maker, a live painter,  fine artist, art teacher, manager and event coordinator. Bri is currently completing her apprenticeship at The Edge Tattoo in South Windsor while continuing to create artwork for sale and exhibition. In order to promote herself as a sign maker, Bri is currently developing a new body of work on large scale wood using techniques such as burning, staining, carving and assembling. However,  Bri’s main focus in currently on her new business endeavor as a traveling art teacher.

Bri is a strong believer in making art more accessible in local communities to better serve the diverse needs of individuals of all age groups with varying backgrounds, experience, exposure and education.

“Art is a key element in a community’s ability to uniquely represent themselves visually and intellectually. By providing opportunities for the community to engage and interact on a creative level, you are encouraging individuals to experience their environment, rather than just existing within.  When inhabitants conceptually participate with their environment, each unique personal relationship to the location inevitably contributes to the cultural development of the collective community. The explicative nature of the  visual, conceptual and verbal dialogue that would develop in a community where art is readily accessible to all members, would be  far more comprehensive to understanding the population then any census, statistic or scientific fact provided. “

Art.Lab is Bri’s initial attempt to integrate accessible art opportunities into local communities.  As the cultural necessities of individual communities become more apparent, Art.Lab will continue to develop and morph to address specific needs and provide tailored opportunities based on the demands of the local involvement. (Opportunities include but are not limited to art studios, classes, exhibitions, public art, art education, after school programs, events and non-profits.)

Bri is the founder and instructor of Art.Lab, a traveling art class that teaches individuals of all skill levels how to create an art piece in just a few hours while socializing and having fun!  You can find Art.Lab at your favorite local bar, coffee shop, or community center.  “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” is no longer an excuse! Lucky for you Art.Lab is designed for individuals of all experience levels! Art.Lab events are a great place to get together with friends, have a few drinks, meet new people, develop a hobby or find a creative release. All materials are included in the purchase of a ticket. Tickets are available for purchase at

Art.Lab hosts private events and lessons in the comfort of your own home, private venue or place of business. These events are great  for birthday and holiday parties, showers, girls night in, fundraisers, team building, corporate events, clubs and community groups.  If you are interested in booking a private event, e-mail Art.Lab at

Cavity.Lab, a sister project to Art.Lab, is an intermediate opportunity developed for Art.Lab participants and individuals interested in becoming more seriously involved with their personal artistic endeavors and/ or the arts in their community. Cavity.Lab has existed in various forms over the years and has developed into an art management company that caters to the business needs of artists, collectives, venues and communities. The goal of Cavity.Lab is to provide assistance, direction and education to individuals, groups or businesses interested in taking the next step in pursuing their artistic goals or careers. Cavity.Lab will work with participants on an individual basis to develop a goal oriented timeline and will assist in achieving the goals. Cavity.Lab provides assistance in portfolio development, exhibition opportunities, critiques, sales, self marketing, curation, art classes and education.

Bri Dill graduated with a bachelors degree in fine art from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2010, where she focused primarily on painting and drawing. After Bri graduated she supported herself by selling and exhibiting artwork in and around Boston. With the money saved from sales, Bri opened her own gallery in East Boston called Cavity.Lab. Initially, Cavity.Lab was a alternative art exhibition space that provided opportunity for unestablished artists to exhibit and sell their artwork.

The unforeseen immediate success of Cavity.Lab opened up a professional opportunity for Bri as the Executive Director of a 501-c3 Non-Profit Art Organization in Boston called HarborArts, Inc. HarborArts is a large scale sculpture and art gallery located in a working shipyard on the Boston Harbor. HarborArts was home to many pieces of work from world renowned artists.  Bri closed the Cavity.Lab location and continued her efforts as  a traveling gallery that exhibited artists in local venues, private events and traveling festivals after she accepted the position at HarborArts. At the young age of 22, Bri devoted a year of her life to transforming HarborArts from just an international gallery, to a community hub and cultural destination of Boston’s residents, visitors and artists.

Bri moved back to her home state of Connecticut  to focus on her career with the goal of establishing financial stability through her passion for the arts. Working a part time job, Bri  spent 6 months as the assistant to the director of RAW: Connecticut, which is an international art organization dedicated to creating a network of local artists by providing exhibition opportunity. After RAW switched directors, Bri started a tattoo apprenticeship at The Edge Tattoo in her hometown of South Windsor, CT and established Art.Lab. Bri is currently is working on the integration of Art..Lab and Cavity.Lab, education and exhibition opportunities for artists of all skill levels, goals and needs.

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