Art.Lab is Back +1

I AM PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE- that Art.Lab events and classes will be starting up again soon!

As many of you know, Art.Lab was put on the back burner during my pregnancy and through the birth of my daughter, Autumn Rose. During this time I stopped teaching classes & put the business on hold to focus on myself and the baby.

In Jan 2017, I decided to close down the gallery in Manchester- so I wasn’t paying an extra rent while taking time off.  All with the hope of reopening one day in a bigger, better location.  It is not that time just yet but wonderful things are in the works for Art.Lab’s comeback!

Stay tuned for new paintings, varied offerings, discounted classes, interactive experiences and more fun! Check out the new website as well!

Remember, word of mouth is our best advertisment- so, if you ❤ Art.Lab- tell your friends, share the posts and come on down! Don’t forget your punch cards if you still have them!

Looking forward to seeing you back out there!

-Bri Dill (& Autumn)71E34B74-461B-42D9-926D-D63C1407497D

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