Manchester Youth Service Bureau 2019

Today is the first day of the 2nd session of: ART.LAB: afterschool at the Manchester Youth Service Bureau. I am so excited to meet all the mini artists and help them develop their skill sets over the next 10 weeks. The students will be learning basic art theory and concepts while focusing on a subject of their choice.    They will practice technical and conceptual approaches to process to enhance their ability to accurately convey their personal vision. At the end of the 10 weeks, the student will have a completed portfolio with a cohesive body of work. On the last day, the students will learn how to curate and hang a show. There will be a mini “opening reception” for the exhibition of their works for family and friends to attend.

I have been working with the Manchester Youth Service Bureau for 4 years. They are a great agency with a wonderful staff, completely dedicated to addressing the needs of the youth and families in Manchester. All of their programs are offered at no cost and include materials.

In addition to the after school program, I teach a monthly paint class for families. The monthly paint class for families has become one of my all time favorite art education experiences. I have grown quite close to many of the regular families that attend and watched a lot of the kids grow into young adults and talented artists. (parents too!) All thanks to the Manchester Youth Service Bureau and their recognition of the importance of accessible arts in the community.  Not only was I able to teach, but I was taught a lot during my many experiences. Having a significant impact on making me the teacher I am today.  

Thank you to MYSB and all the families I have met along the way. Here’s to another year of creative collaboration and community enrichment!


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