Art.Lab’s ‘Supply Supplies’ Campaign



Art.Lab is offering classes, workshops and events to all different walks of life! Young, old, experienced, beginners, retired, hobbyists and then some. Art supplies are expensive! Especially for beginners that don’t own any basic supplies. There are standard materials and necessities crucial to creative  and technical artistic development. Students would hugely benefit from communal supplies to utilize during the exploration process.  Art.Lab would like to provide supplies for individuals in circumstantial need and as a convenient provision that inspires experimentation and encourages self expression. Accessible supplies could transform a lost opportunity into a creative breakthrough or life changing epiphany. Innocent and unavoidable circumstances (forgetting /losing something,  not having enough money or the sudden desire to change creative direction) will no longer limit an individuals ability to reach their potential.  By not allowing logistics interrupt inspiration we are providing the best educational experience regardless of the students personal situation.
Donate $50+ & receive FREE membership at Art.Lab & enjoy exclusive perks for a month!

Donors who give < $49 will receive a voucher for $10 off any Art.Lab event! 

Visit for more info!

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